my brain just threw up a little…

November 9, 2012

“an amazingly bad decision and choice.”

Standing in line at the donut shop this morning. There is a mom with two adorable little kids. A girl, who is 4-5, and her little brother, who looks 3. Little girl is bouncing and squeaking, all excited about getting her “chocolaty sprinkle donuty.” Just cute as a button, bouncing like ferret on speed, and excited like everything just turned into sparkles and whatnot. Another lady in line and I are making jokes and grinning at the little girl. Little girl’s mom is laughing with us. We are making jokes about how this girl will be more bouncy once she gets her donut. They get their donut. Girl gets a bigger piece than her little brother and she seems to gloat a little. Grinning lady gets her order and goes away. I get my order and about to head out when I see that little boy looking at his sister with something of a dismay (because she is still snacking on her “chocolaty sprinkle donuty.”
My Inner Retard is entirely responsible for what happened next. I walk over to the counter and get one of those “chocolaty sprinkle donuty.” I walk over to the “mom” and ask her to give me an example of “an amazingly bad decision and choice.” She says something like “I don’t think I can think of one right now.” To wich I hand her the bag with the “chocolaty sprinkle donuty,” and ask her to please hold this for a minute. And then I say “Keep holding, you are doing great!”

And I walk out as I hear her laughing maniacally.


I am going to hell.

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