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November 22, 2012

not a good day

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I screwed up at work. multiple times.

I took off at the end of my day and ran home to take care of the kids.

then went back to werk

except… I tried to save on gas and did not take the truck

I took the bike. Cold. Some fucking bastard did not look when was changing his lanes. I got out safely. I hope he gets hit in the mouth by an oversized cock. A lot.

stayed at werk a little to help guys out. They were too pissed off at my screwing up to appreciate my trying. I said fuck it and went home after a couple of hours.

two hotdogs at werk and oh hey… hummus

A lady friend is doing her best to be a good friend. I keep reminding myself that she is just a friend. Awkward, but she is way awesome. Like… Like Benny-awesome. But I am known to be wrong. So I’ll just shut my awful piehole… pie. hmm… I am hungry, but I am not making pie.

Bexter’s quiche. That was classic. But that was that time when I thought I was so very right and I was nothing but wrong. What is she doing? I can’t care. Not now. not ever if I can help it. I’ll tell you what she is doing – she is fucking up some other dude’s life. Not mine.


I am stuck in an elaborate rat-maze. There is overabundance of levers that let you get to other levers and other levers and so on… and then there is a lever that tickles a little and food, and you have to get to that first lever on time otherwise you get dropped into a lower maze with hungrier and meaner rats and worse food and less tickle, and if you fuck that up you get to the lower maze and if you do not it is the higher maze, but guess what… there is a glass and a curious probing eye and you cannot get up higher.

I cannot remember shit. My memory is going away. I am tired most the time. And I think this is all I got.


I need some food. Excuse me while I press some levers.


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