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December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

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I think my parents (both in their 70’s now) could never imagine that on the last day of 2012 they would be in FL, doing a shot of vodka, with their son… on “skype.”

Clink the shotglass to webcam, cheer, and stop to ponder just for a moment… I did.

Hey, you know, I’ll just do one more shot. Just for you. I remember everything and everyone. I assure you, I remember you too. So here is to Us and fuck Them. Clink the screen and down the hatch! Happy New Year!


Much Love



P.S. If you think you are an exception, then you will fucking choke on that shot, snarf it, and everything to you will taste like hobo-cock wrapped in a twat-waffle till 2014 . cheers, bitches.


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