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March 16, 2013

Free introspection for the needy?

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You know that concept about “How one must be happy alone before being happy with someone else”…?
I think it is bunk.
“Why” might you ask?

Well, ponder this: if someone is happy, what possible reason would they have to mess with their happiness?

Imagine a person who ends up with a past that’s richly decorated with relationships, most of which have ended on a lousy note of distrust, dislike, and misery. This person goes through a long period of dealing with their misery and balances their life out to a point of stability, creativity, and comfort.

Do you expect that person to seek out “someone else to live with” when happiness is of paramount importance to them now?

What I am pointing out to you is that “being happy with your self” and “being happy with another person” are still all about you being happy, and not about THEM being happy. Solitude and happiness are not mutually exclusive, true. It is just that a solitary person will have no need for another human being in their life, short of facilitating a useful application for such extra person (ie labor, resources, sex, personal gratification, etc)

In short, suggesting that one should learn to be “happy” by themselves before trying to be happy with another person, is nothing short of advocating for becoming an antisocial user with propensity for lying and pretending to fit in so they could justify using others.

Ponder this if you can.

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