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March 21, 2013

Surely there is a moral somewhere in there…

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So in this care facility for elderly and disabled, One of the residents (we will call him Mr Smith) was single and in his age was still feeling rather lonely. So Mr Smith was seeking companionship, and in his search he was introduced to an aged female resident of the same small community residing in the same facility. We will call her Ms Adler. After a proper social introduction and several walks in the surrounding grounds, nature took its course, and Mr Smith found himself with his pants around his ankles, and his oldest friend was being gently held by his newest friend. Much to Mr Smith’s dismay this was as far as things went. Ms Adler would wrap her thin hand around Mr Smith’s withering appendage once a day, for several minutes, and she would look at him for those several minutes with a loving and caring smile, the happiest adventurer that she is. Mr Smith was expecting more from Ms Adler, and on numerous occasions tried hinting it to her without breaking the bonds of propriety. Unfortunately this lead to no changes in her smile or her grasp. Her hand remained very much stationary.
And so, after a while, Mr Smith stopped going on walks with Ms Adler, and started going on walks with another female resident (we will call her Ms Crisper). And Ms Adler found this to be upsetting. So as the first opportunity presented itself, Ms Adler cornered Mr Smith and barely holding her desperation in check she angrily whispered: “I cannot believe you have left me for her! What is it that she has, that I do not have?”
And Mr Smith answered… “Parkinsons.”

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