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March 25, 2013

so a long time ago…

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So a long time ago I started working with this one company (no name to protect the innocent, and NO it was not my current employer).
And I was tasked with something menial. This chap, ex-jock, ex-navy, ex-happy plumber-ish kinda twat, right, he was working within my earshot but not in my sight. So he started humming this at first, and then piped up louder. I knew the song. Ofcourse I knew the song, I heard it 100,000 times. Except he only remembered the chorus, and his memory was failing, because, you see, this blond fuck was actually singing “Hey JEW” instead of “Hey Jude.”
I have mixed feelings about this. Anger being the main ingredient in this mix. I know that as a fellow human I should offer CPR if i come upon this fellow in a cardiac arrest. But my memory of CPR techniques might just karmically fail. Just like his memory did, back in 95.

so here is this, proper:

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