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June 23, 2013


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I think that at this point all that’s left of this ride is to walk away and wither with some semblance of dignity and pride. I keep telling myself that this is all going to last another twenty or thirty years. And then what? white sheets, clinical jargon, drip fucking drip and a tube up the ass before the lights go out? Thirty years of Monday through Friday nine to five is not so bad if compared to the premature ass-tube one would get for losing his patience and trying to check out before the fatty goes hollering proper. That’s right, you suck it up and you grind through, because that’s all there is to it, this “miracle” called Life.
Tell me more about how beautiful it is.
Better hurry, because you never know at what point of time you or your body will give up and … yeah, that, “lights out.”

monkeys with fucking shoes and dust in the wind.

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