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December 12, 2013

random transcribed bit of a convo with my boss

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Rapunzel gets scalped and her cries are heard for hours, while her sadistic mother is decomposing in the kitchen. Mother is in the kitchen because, you see, these two youngsters paid her a visit. Rapunzel’s Mother has something of a history with these two youngsters. She got them busted “stealing” from her garden. Technically it was an act of vandalism, but she lied to the cops about it being a theft to make sure these two brats get the jury. The two youngsters had returned and poisoned her iced tea with about 500mcg of LSD and left her with a diabolically convincing note that told her that the only way to escape  her toxic kitchen is through “that hatch.” On the obverse of the note there was a crude but convincing drawing of the oven.

The whole place goes up when a stray rabid dog goes clawing at the door and accidentally pushes the doorbell. Spark from the doorbell ignited the gas in the kitchen.

Resulting explosion startles a trapper who shoots his buddy in the face with a shotgun and then goes back to ruling the country

Press finds out but he gets off with a slap on the wrist.

Oh… the high-school sweetheart who scalped bed-ridden severely overweight Rapunzel – he is happy with the trophy and is back to selling ice-cream off a little truck in Bronx.

He is very good with kids.


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