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November 10, 2009

conversation with a friend – 4chan style

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(05:14:04 PM) me: I bet if I cut my head off and put it in a box it will cure my headache!
(05:14:18 PM) Friend: true.
(05:14:23 PM) Friend: your head will no longer hurt.
(05:15:27 PM) me: some friend you are, Woman! I am bloginating this blatant display of coldness and disinterest!
(05:16:27 PM) Friend: Good!
(05:16:40 PM) me: rudeness too…
(05:16:50 PM) Friend: of course.
(05:16:55 PM) Friend: you’d have me no other way.
(05:17:11 PM) me: shut up and come over here and hold my throbbing head or I will vomit in your cube!
(05:18:21 PM) Friend: I’ll vomit on your head, if I try to hold it.
(05:19:10 PM) me: that’s kinda hot
(05:20:33 PM) me: throbbing head… giggidy!

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