my brain just threw up a little…

November 15, 2009

to that one person…

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hey, fuck you.

You have presented yourself in a presentable friendly fashion, as if spreading your arms to the sides, palms up, nothing short of used-car smile and we-are-all-friends banner. In a very short time you have turned yourself into a malicious, back-biting, power-hungry, piece of fucking refuse, who gets off on manipulating and tries to exert power over others by all means possible. You sure do run your mouth a lot, in company of others. You try stepping on me at times, and that’s just silly. You get a rise out of me getting angry, and that’s just reckless. You think that just because you have made a deal with your Inner Lawyer, your conscience will remain clear? Do not lie to yourself. You cannot lie to your self. You can lie to all those around you, but you cannot tell yourself lies. Go ahead, try making that puppet of your inner lawyer tell you that there is a perfectly reasonable justification for delivering a complaint to your boss, or smearing someone in your casual conversation with those near you… after all, that person you are speaking of, is worth the insult, right? See, and your inner lawyer says it is a right thing to do.  So go ahead, do it. You have nothing else to lose, you already sold that clean something that was inside to that inner lawyer for an excuse to run that little revenge, or was it a powerplay? I am not sure which it was, I just get this strong feeling that it really isn’t going to help you anymore. You have sold out in a big bad way. I hope you are religious, because the only person that would find forgiveness for you, is a fictional one. So, as I was saying… fuck you.

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