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August 18, 2019

Your safe place can eat a bag of moistened shit, or Holy Krackers Part 2

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You didn’t think it’s all over, did you?

Right, technically IT IS over now, but apparently it wasn’t until just last night.

Turns out Flowe The Angry was so perturbed that she preemptively contacted their local PD. Who in turn tried to contact me so they could “get my side of the story.”

Let that sink in a minute. I made a person laugh by telling a joke. I get reported to the police.

And the PD is accommodating this lunacy and is following up on this… this what? Report? Is this report becoming public domain after 24hrs? Nothing is going to the prosecutors office, mind. But the PD is following up on this.

Law enforcement, you see, by definition and name suppose to enforce laws. Not harping on the cops here. Just want you to ponder on something. What law is being enforced here? Was there a violation of said law? I must have missed it. So if there is no investigation of a crime, what is it that the PD is trying to investigate. And how do they know who I am? Asking because there is a patient confidentiality matter to be considered. My personal information was handed off to an external agent by a care provider without my expressed permission and without a subpoena (to the best of my knowledge).
Isn’t it against a law?

So I came by the PD and had a word with them trying to find out if they really were on the phone trying to follow up. I did not harsh their day asking HIPAA oriented questions. I just wanted to make sure that it was really the PD and not some Angry trying to shake. Friendly Supervisor said that to put all this behind me I just need to not go to that office and not call that office. I gave the man thumbs up, thanked for time and went back to my life.


Anyone got access to an industrial printer in a non-extradition country?
Asking for a friend.

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