my brain just threw up a little…

August 22, 2019

You asked if I know how easy it is to buy shoes for little girls.

Easy. You pick out the cheapest pair. Anything else they pick gets banned because “makes you look fat, kiddo”
And that’s how you end up in a lowest rated retirement community in southern Ohio, daily dose of oatmeal, non-stop cnn, gassy Marge from Savoki, IL trying to hold hands with you after diaper change, and a 94 years young Frank who is still selling cemetery lots to old people, regardless of being in full knowledge that aforementioned land is in care of Chrysler corp and is used for a stamping plant since 1965.
Franks’ sales would do better if he wasn’t prone to randomly muttering “right in da fuckin kistah!” while presenting options to perspective buyers.

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