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November 23, 2009


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War in and of itself is a rather barbaric way to resolve differences. In fact, according to the, a war is a… ”     a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.” We, humans, fail to settle our differences by reaching agreement that leaves satisfied parties, and so we try resolving matters by force. We, humans, throw our fellow fellow humans out into a field, and we make them kill each other. We, humans, blow each other to smithereens, and it really doesn’t matter if what we blow each other up with is tied to a fellow human or a few million dollars worth of guidance equipment… we are still blowing each other up.
Fighting is much frowned upon in civilized societies. Some jerk in school carelessly steps on your toes, and you nick him in a jaw once – you are dragged off to the principles office where it is explained to you that fighting is a big nono. You are told that you have to resolve your differences  with foot-stomping jerk in a “peaceful manner.” Strange that fighting is not frowned upon if you are a country. In fact, we encourage young men and women to join the ranks of our fighting forces, and praise them a great deal for fighting valiantly. Our opponents are doing the same thing. One might say that “our democratic way is THE right way” and I will agree. And some opponent of ours will say “Our way is the right way” and there will be a ton of people agreeing with them. End result is – we are STILL blowing each other up! Clearly conformity of others is not being achieved by diplomatic means of talking and coexisting. It is not being achieved by conventional weapons either. So… ummm… is it time now to push the big red reset button and nuke everything and everyone, or will we actually pause, stop by some magical principles office and figure out that blowing each other up is kind of a bad thing to do, no matter with what side of this mess you happened to sympathize.

just a thought…

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