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November 27, 2009

pic stolen from friends flickr.

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Just how terribly broke and greedy must you be to live in a tent outside an electronics store for 24 hours during a national holiday… a holiday that’s there to remind us all that we have something for what we have to be thankful.  When I saw this shot on Jay’s flickr I ended up doing a double-take… and again.  I wrote this to him: “How about I live however long I’ve got to live, and before my bucket is kicked I tell the younger generations that I lived my life well. At least well enough to NOT do THAT! (and show them this picture).”

A second thought. This is a Best Buy – they have enough tape, cardboard, packaging peanuts, and shrink-wrap to build numbered boxes and rent them out to those outside. Come on – as long as we are maximizing our profits in these troubled financial times, lets double the parking spaces and join forces with Meijers across the street! Imagine the specials… If you buy 200 pairs of this underwear you will get a 1/2 off on this fridge. If you buy this washer/dryer combination we  will throw in these pretzels for free. If you buy these seasonal potted plants we will give you 10% off on this used car! I know all this is complete shit – but it is CHEAPER! And you know, penny saved is a penny earned! And you know, saving yay much money on pretzels will really be just like earning that money… perhaps earning money should not be done via coupons, but rather by means of producing stuff? Before we are all in numbered boxes.

On a brighter note – imagine PA in some large retail store being hi-jacked and remotely operated. Just run bear-porn loud enough, and everyone will just leave.

A big and hairy sounding guy roars “Ah, yes georgy, twist them, dip them in that green stuff,  and force them deep in my colon!”

Georgy (sounds like he is 12 and been smoking for 30) cackles and through the bass of porn-track says “My hand is stuck, Mom! What’s an O-ring?”

And every kid around that store simultaneously turned and said…

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