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December 7, 2009

in good with the dead stuff

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i think morticians, pathologists, and funeral home directors a more comfortable with idea of death not because they toss stiffs all day, but because they have some kind of a subconsious idea that because they deal with things of death more than anyone else they have it in good with Death.

Almost as though Charon will high-five their dead paw and cheerfully yelp “Alright! You’ve made it! Great to see you! We saved you a good spot! Get onboard, I’ll get you there right quick, no extra stops! Neah, keep the two coins, you do not need to tip me, hahaha! Yeah, you can smoke here. Want something to drink? Man, it is really good to see you. A bus got you, eh? Oh well, that’s in the past now. Missis will be happy to see you. Mind your arms there…”

Or maybe they are just ok with being no more. Not feeling too tied to this mortal coil? Just more used to the idea that being alive is a good option, and being dead is… well… not being, and that’s not an entirely the strangest thing.

Not sure about that. I’ll let you know when I die.

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