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December 9, 2009

no title, really

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no sleep. dog is sick. belly hard as a brick and swollen. She has no appetite. Barely drinks water. Blood pressure seems ok. no obvious ouchies. Taking her to the vet’s first thing… wait, it already is morning. What time vet will be there, I wonder.
Last night at work things were pretty crazy. I hate stressing out on things that should be simple. You know that hideous feeling you get when you think you just didn’t do enough? I am told this is “the underlying source of a guilt-trip called work ethics.” Thanks, man! I needed to hear that. Now go ahead and tell my boss that.
four hours on a build that should’ve been under two hours. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Ironically, I knocked out the following four servers and kicked and started post in under four hours. Maybe its a matter of perception. They better fix my dog, she whimpers like a crying child – this is the worst ever. I will so sleep after work. Oh wait, I said that yesterday too, hehehe. Another hour and calling the vet.
Hey! its Jim’s Bday! I should drop him a line.

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