my brain just threw up a little…

December 15, 2009


Filed under: random crazies — Sol @ 1:56 pm

sleep. blessed sleep. whole 14 hrs of it. still feeling like I am about to keel over. drowning everything in tea and soup. there is such thing as too much soup. you know it when it splashes in the back of your throat. back to bed. just got a hold of three people to come see me today. thats a really dumb idea, but I could use some company. hot shower later, for now its a dog and more sleep. this is the third time this fall/winter that this cold is getting me off guard. wtf… i should quit smoking, it will improve things. yesterday at work my head was just being hellish and heavy and did not work at all. I left early hoping to sleep it all off. that didn’t work. i should call doc in AM. actually, I should call doc now and schedule for AM. sleep first. no. docs first. damn be the puctuation. you don’t like it – dont read it.

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