my brain just threw up a little…

December 21, 2009

… that’s what you get

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(01:52:50 PM) Friend: AWESOME
(01:52:51 PM)Friend : can’t wait
(02:40:18 PM) me: then there is a pickle in a bleeding tree story.. but that one is for some other time
(02:41:52 PM) me: lets just say that some things should not be placed in an open blender, no matter how low the rpms are. Ladies tend to complain and ER doctors tend to laugh at that.
(02:42:03 PM)Friend : um
(02:42:04 PM)Friend : um
(02:42:07 PM)Friend :
(02:44:49 PM) me: no pleasure, no rapture greater than that I get from sending someones brain spinning madly into an abyss of their own imagination accompanied by a stuttering chorus of their own recollection and filmed by ever widening lenses of their eyes.
(02:45:02 PM) Friend: omg, have we met?! my imagination is too cruel!!
(02:45:11 PM) me: lol
(02:46:04 PM) me: you are a sick little monkey and your brain is its own Spanish Inquisition on laughing gas and technocolor custard in zero G
(02:46:10 PM) Friend: arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

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