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December 22, 2009

in the red

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Money, the indicator of our worth in this society. We tend to keep in private, as if it was some soft exposed underbelly and “we rather not discuss it in public or with strangers” because it is a “common sense” thing, you see? Have you noticed how those that actually have money have very little problem talking about it? And have you noticed how those that have no money grow accustomed to pretending how they “are comfortable” when conversation steers to that? All that to stay (or pretend to be standing) on the same tread of social structure. Naturally everyone will say that money never matters, but that’s a load of steaming horseshit. Money is about the only thing that matters. If it didn’t matter, we would still be trading wheat for barley, soap for shovels, and pussy for dead rabbits. I believe that was called “natural exchange.” Not the “pussy for rabbits” part – that one was called marriage. For those questioning Natural Exchange – please see

For those questioning that part about marriage – please see previous posts with references to marriage and socks.

Well… I am broke, account redlined, and I am not pretending for your comfort. Get socks. =)

I cannot advocate for natural exchange. I cannot be productive in the society where your worth is measured by wood, wheat, rabbits, or even tang’. I’ll get really skinny really quickly. Hey, I might be able to sell my bony ass in exchange for a carrot or two. Ah, so idyllic, me sitting by some cave, chewing on a carrot, rubbing on my one and only piece of wood… slowly.

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