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December 22, 2009


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On a weird side.  Found a girl I like. I think I will stay the hell away from that one. She seems like a nice person. I’d hate to be myself around her. Some inner part of me refuses to make her cry, and I know that the moment I open my mouth she will bawl and run ascreamin’. Hey, that’s kinda hot. =) I dare not harbor a daft thought that she will actually like Yours Truly. (please do not pucker your lips like that, it looks as thought you are trying to either whistle or blow smoke, neither of which is a fitting facial expression for what you just heard)

So over the weekend there was another lady I spoke with. I find her just outright fascinating. She is manipulative/controlling, but in a very respectful way. Odd, I know, I should not say “manipulative” that word bears ill intent. She is not “manipulating with ill-intent” – she is establishing clear boundaries of facts/fiction/maybes of things she knows and doesn’t. She doesn’t declare that to your face, but she acts and speaks in fashion that would prevent pointless argument. I LIKE!

Yet she listens. Very intently and with the same set of filters applied. And it is not as though She establishes the ground rules for the conversation. She just acts responsibly for her side of it.

Sam, you can tell her I said that. =P

But back to that previous girl I mentioned in the beginning.  Very cute. I made my intentions known, and she tried to sneak in “friends” thing. I snapped at her with something like “make up yer mind – yes/no. Save mebbe-bebbe for boys in diapers. You either want me or not.”

Like a proper Lady she bounced it back with a resounding NO.

Like a proper man I abruptly ended that conversation.

And more like a proper man I called back inside 12hrs to tell her that I will see her for tea this weekend. We agreed terms and talked about use of heavy siege machinery in obstetrics and related fields. She was not excited about “Cruel Tutelage of Pai-Mei.” I agreed, I think Tarantino overdone that toon and if you are reading this you really have too much fucking time on your hands to read this asinine nonsense expecting that I will hint more and drop names and actually tell you what Lady and I spoke about.

Oh you do not like it? ref.socks


Tea, ok? No fucking! Just tea and idle chat about what we do not like in recent developments that taken place in sanitation facilities of Lansing board or water and light.

Now it is entirely possible that she will read this blog, and say to herself “omgomg… this man is a nutter! I should run” and run ascreamin’.

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