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January 7, 2010

5 minutes

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(07:14:56 PM) DW: this will have to wait for gregg. he left about 30 minutes ago.
(07:15:04 PM) me: face-palm
(07:15:21 PM) me: okok, sending email to syseng
(07:15:35 PM) me: thank you anywoah
(07:15:41 PM) me: as a side note
(07:17:39 PM) me: If a person sits in a heap of snow with their bare arse, and starts drinking vodka, they will very much melt right through all of snow and ice right to the bare dirt. I find it very peculiar that noone has ever considered melting snow with drunk people.
(07:18:14 PM) DW: to the patent office!
(07:18:56 PM) me: imagine this… no more salty sleet, no slippery ice, no snow… Just drunken ass and dirt everywhere
(07:19:16 PM) DW: so, it would be kalamazoo

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