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February 4, 2010


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I was standing outside a corral with a fairly large wild boar rubbing against the shaky wire wall right next to my legs. Boar was very interested in the contents of a paper bag I was holding up in my left hand. Brown paper bag emanated scents of pears, apples, and carrots. Piggy’s round expressionless eyes were looking around the ground littered with pine needles and hay, but his nose was well aimed at the bag. Every few seconds or so I would reach into the bag and my hand would come up with a bit of much desired snack. Snack would take it’s last daylight trip to the dirt in front of the piggy. Next time this snack would see daylight, it would be quite different.

Last bit of apple. I braved reaching down to try handing it to piggy. It was indeed a brave and also a foolish move. Bristles faintly brushed against my forearm as I yanked my hand out of the corral before piggy ripped into my flesh. With the faint adrenalin rush I noted this moment and remembered this lifes simple truth – “it is still a fucking boar, duh!”

(summer job at the zoo)

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