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February 7, 2010

get your money back

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suffering from a terrible herpes inflammation. rushed to the hospital last night with horrible bleeding from underside of penis. they are thinking amputation or something. and then this little pixie like nurse rolls in and says something along the lines of “Praise Lord Jesus! you will be healed!” And everyone turned to look, when she grinned coyly and said “for a mere two hundred dollars”… and then some guy in the white diaper looked up and her and said “bitch, they tore my ass because you LIED about me!” and then morphine kicked in and everything swirled away as if getting flushed through cosmos and endless bullshit. The Nurse with child-like hands, the screaming herpes ridden retard, the pig-faced squealer nursing a pig-faced squealer, a psychotic vagina-carrier with thyroid problems, and everything they have squeezed out of their flopping skins, all gets flushed and gone into some abyss that dares not to stare for it lives on fear and its entertainment is confrontation edging fear and legality.
And all that’s left to do is…
get your money back.

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