my brain just threw up a little…

February 27, 2010

worst day since…

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today was a rather shitty day for me to be at work. I stayed busy and have not accomplished a god damn thing aside from getting my workstation back to working order after more hours than I care to think about. And I forgot my damn phone at home. And I got so worked up about the retardedness of today that I forgot AGAIN to get to my chiropractors office.  I left leaving a pile of things for whoever comes in tomorrow and that makes me feel very much like shit. restoring my workstation was an endless fountain of fail and I had to get others involved to get this bitch to do what it needs to do. Thanks to Matt and Kamel for assist on that.

and now a dilemma – either start drinking now and see that my brain shuts up and lets go of the fail-mode, or eat something and go to sleep feeling like a steaming pile of shit and hope it is all better by morning.

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