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March 4, 2010

boondock saints 2.

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I liked the 1st one. I really liked the 1st one. Smelling of a comic book, stereotypes your average PC tosser would never ever admit to EVER, with all it’s charm, it should’ve been left alone. No Boondock Saints Two. Just One, ok? This film squeezed out of the fuming cancerous asshole of Hollywood is NOT worth your time.
They could’ve cured it with a sudden appearance of Godzilla with a machine-gun dick, fucking the bad guys as he sneaks up on them. But instead they allocated their resources on paying a ton to Billy Connoly and he puckered up and did all the acting in that turd of a film.
Also, remember that girl from Dexter? The Last TubGirl of Season three? That actress (sorry, I did not bother looking up her name) did such fine job portraying that ever annoying woman, …. well she is in Saints. I was so hoping this character would get shot in the head. Twice… Yes, this character was also annoying and overdone.

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