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March 17, 2010

in the year of our lord 2010

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Running home. Fast food joint. Skinny tattooed guy with a mop and a southern droll is engaged in a conversation with his coworker who is manning the register. Register guy is a bit on a large side. No, wait… He is only a bit on a skinny side, the rest of him is on the large side.

KY-WV-MOP: “Louis man, you are a BBW!”

Register-mass: “What? What are you saying?”

KYWV: “You know, Big Black Woman! BBW! You never heard that?”

Register-mass: “What? Um… no, never heard that before.”

KYWV: “You never heard that? I thought you watch the internet, man”

Register-mass: “yeah, but…” *grumbles and walks away.

I walked out of the store my fries told me “this is why we can’t have nicer things”…

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