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March 25, 2010

on compliments…

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“Thank you, you are a doll!”

You know, this has to be the craziest thing to say to a Lady – “you are a doll” because it sort of implies that this person would have to be inanimate, inorganic-fake, that is realistically only good to look at, that she cannot keep a conversation, and should really stay in a closet…

You do not fit that description, well… maybe the closet part

Here, let me try a different approach to that “doll” compliment.

“You are a seriously oversized awesomesauce bag of such high quality that columbian drug cartels are using your turds as the measure of purity for their most expensive bolivian marching powder, and that your bum should be carefully snorted by men with most exquisite taste.”

Neah! This is too elaborate, too much ass and bag and snorting and turds.

Here, let me rephrase this one.

“You are so very unique and fantastic in your special ways, that you could be compared to a ming vase – beautiful, old, made of porcelain that doesn’t hold a candle to a modern day toile….”

Neah! Let me rephrase this one.

“You are like a flower… getting bee-fucked…”


Lets see… “You are like a cat, gracious, elevated… a 40+ cougar…!”


“You are like a dolphin…”


How about “Hey, you smell nice!”

You know, it’s almost easier to tell a person off, rather than wrap my brain about how to make them feel nice!

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