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March 30, 2010

free lunch

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a clear plastic container of hummus – $4.60something

a clear plastic container of tabbouli – $3.78-ish

taking both home after a day of work to take a bite of tabouli to find it whilted – really fucking annoying

taking a bite of hummus to find lumps and crusty bits – doubly so…

returning to the store inside 10 minutes and offering both containers to a friendly returns-clerk asking to pass these two returned items to the deli manager as a free lunch, and asking for no money in return on condition that deli manager eats offered lunch, AND getting an insane laugh out of every person in the store that hears the offer – priceless.

Oh and getting the refund and using it right away on a very nice bottle of Moscato to go with pears and cheese – that is very satisfying.

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