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July 19, 2010

if I had a million dollars…

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If I had a million dollars I’d buy a house. With plenty of rooms for everyone. And with a huge yard for all the cats and dogs. And with a huge fence to keep the drama the hell out of there. And two or three vehicles.
I, unfortunately, do not have a million dollars. What I do have is a rather large burning hole in my wallet and a disturbingly hopeless inability to help. Come to think of it, if I had about 60K sitting in the bank I’d be able to fix things, but I cannot even borrow that from the bank. To make matters worse, I cannot even offer my roof to more than one person thanks to the snitching-snivelling-conniving geriatric bitch of a neighbour.
I can’t fix this, and realization of this fact is enough to turn my day into a serious steaming pile of shit.
If I had a million dollars…

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