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July 24, 2010

Pennsic/HDP rules

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1) Debauchery is a must

2) Getting inebriated is not officially required, but it is never frowned upon.

3) Do not be a slacker – show up for setup or tear down. Both would be great.

4) Be supernice to people. Go out of your way to help and it pays back tenfold.

5) DO NOT be an asshole!

6) Avoid drama at all costs.

7) Share.

8) Remember to get laid for if you cannot get laid at Pennsic War, you cannot get laid at all!

9) We are not going to make you do stupid things, but we are not going to make you stop either.

10) Have fun! Pennsic is not suppose to be boring. Start doing something crazy and you are guaranteed to have at least thirty people to do it with you.

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