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September 28, 2010

of bats and nightingales

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A good friend posted the following on FB:

“I just discovered that mascara is bat guano… I don’t know how I feel about putting bat shit on my eye lashes just to be pretty…”

After some looking into possible presence of fecal matter on my female friends faces I have concluded the following:

According to

?”The first isolation of guanine was reported in 1844 from the excreta of sea birds,[1] known as guano, which was used as a source of fertilizer. About fifty years later, Fischer determined the structure and also showed that uric acid can be converted to guanine.”

also please see

“Facial treatments using the droppings, or guano, from Japanese nightingales is currently in favor in New York, reportedly because the guanine in the droppings produces a clear, “bright” skin tone[6] that some people find desirable to attain.”

And so it came, that in the name of beauty… chicks in New York are getting “shitfaced.”

What will they put on their faces next? (please do not answer that. Let it be a surprise!)

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