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October 14, 2010


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so… I wanted a cookie. And I am too damn broke. And I am too damn lazy to walk to Meijers. And I have a few ingredients for what I think would be cookies.

so… I went about internets and I tried finding a recip… and before any of you bastards go “oh hey look at my mad google-fu, I found 10000000000 cookie recipe…. STFU! found them. And found them for me too. Put a sock in it! I did not find what I was looking for because I did not want to find it. Me looking was more of a formality justifying to myself that it will be OK to spend time and effort and resources on “invent a cookie.”




it is in the oven. a monster cookie. Don’t ask what’s in it! I really do not remember how much of what I put in there. It was a cookie improvisation! It will likely taste like charred ass and make you vomit. I made it thick… this way, you see… if some asshole rolls up to you and says “In this country, we drink pepto…” you could totally step in and take out his knee, try to catch him and crash-land on his chest with a knee on his solar and vomit on his face.

“Your honor! I fell… sorry…”

It is beeping – this will be the most horrible cookie ever. ogod…


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