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April 18, 2009

on eggs

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Eggs. Sunny side up. Do NOT overcook them. For the love of boobs, please do not overcook your eggs. You will taste THAT for the duration of the whole day. And please do not try flushing them down with copious amounts of anything containing alcohol. For if you throw up, it is just so much worse. In the event you do throw up in your car after eating overcooked eggs – don’t bother cleaning your car. That smell will never go away unless you set the car on fire. Please remember that the same applies to your clothes as well.  Do yourself a favor and do not eat overcooked eggs when you are trashed off your rocker. Those overcooked eggs will sit in your bowels for over three days, and right when you think you are done with this truly hellish experience, your body laughs at you, and gives you that horrible noxious gas that makes you wanna go see a doctor. Ever seen a seasoned physician gag?

There is only one thing that is more disgusting than that. Feed a dozen of hard-boiled eggs to a large dog. That will clear a room. It will also clear an entire house, the lot it stands on.

Please do not feed your dog hard-boiled eggs. Dog will be just fine. Your neighbors – not so much.

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