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April 18, 2009

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I was actually going scribble something about this WoW game I am playing, and I was going to title this “world of wow” but that would make it both the pun and a good play on words.

See even there at the beginning I sounded like an adult trying to fit in with the kids: “this WoW game I am playing.” Whereas for about 11mil people out there it is no longer necessary to waste breath describing that whole  “WoW game I am playing” for it became an obj, and quite sometime ago.

I get WoW dreams. Totally fucked up kind. Random WoW characters manifest themselves in my world of dreams and all of a sudden there is Rivendare butt-fucking my 2nd grade teacher.

Carl is somehow shorter, and you expect he’d be green. He is applying a “+5hp” bumper-sticker to Kamel’s makeshift armor. That armor is crafted from black server cases and he keeps talking about making it smolder for that would be a very cool special effect. I asked what this effect will do in combat if anything, and he immediately went into macro-economic babble which in his head would justify smoke with no fire.

Last Halloween there was some ingame thing where you could buy masks (its been an every year thing for quite some time) – in dream toons where getting masks that made them look like players. Blizzard was charging 15USD for these avatar masks. It was 49.95USD for people whose avatar-faces did not fit on 8.5×11, and humans in Lordaeron where organizing a commission on face-sizes. It was laughed at by undead. In the throne room someone was hanging a huge red banner that read “Shrivel-heads must go!”… there was a piece bitten off of it.  Please note that Lordaeron was not WoW cartoonish thing. It was a very real, very well lit building, with white marble and green plants in the water.

Some times I dream inside the game.  My big joke about that is “You have no idea what effort it takes to look at myself in cartoon world from behind!”

Actually it is not 3rd person, it is 1st person and has more cartoonish banging than I care to describe.  Somehow most action takes place about that intersection between Brill and UC. No idea why.  But oh well…

moar l8r

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