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January 25, 2011

cave runaways

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Two naked people woke up in the dim light on a muddy floor surrounded by dampness and cold. Clothes covered in dirt and sweat strewn about them. She spat, than coughed and spat again. Bloody snot landed on his foot. He did not move. She waved her dirty hand and muttered hoarsely “sorry…” He groaned and tried to sit up. There was blood caked to his face, like a map of Texas stretching from his right temple and down his cheek. He laid back down and covered his face with his forearms as if trying to shield himself from the light. She tried to stand up smearing grey mud on her already mud covered bottom. He made a choking noise, drew his legs up instinctively, rolled to the left and dry-heaved. She wobbly made her way to the puddle by the wall of the cave and started washing up.

“Do you think we lost them?” she said in a still hoarse voice.

He replied with violent coughing and a finger partially raised over his shoulder. She wasn’t looking at him. He finished his coughing and in a barely audible whisper answered “How should I know, they are…” He was interrupted with soft sniffing. He rolled back to the right ignoring the shooting pain. She was facing away from him, facing towards the darkness of the cave, head raised slightly, sniffing at something, much like a dog. Quickly and on his four, he skittered over to her feet, facing in the same direction and sniffed the damp air hear the ground. They could both smell it. Unmistakable scent of an animal, dirty fur, old blood, breath, it was all rising slowly, in thin, barely perceptible wafts like ink through water. They did not need to talk about this. They both knew what it was, or who it was. They bolted for their clothes and shoes, and immediately froze, stunned with fear. Another Dog was standing at the exit, her muzzle low to the ground, eyes reflecting dim light, staring with no emotion.

He reached for the nearest rock and was immediately knocked off his feet by her flying body. They landed in the heap. His first instinct was to push up and get back to his feet, but before he had a chance to push away he screamed. A pair of jaws bigger than those on any dog was clamped around his knee and flesh-tearing force was pulling him away from her and from the center of the cave. He swung and swung again bu that was no more effective than a toddler swinging at an alligator. He looked up and saw the girl face down in the puddle. She was pinned down by another dog. This dog was standing with its front paws on her shoulder blades, its bared silent teeth at the back of the prone girl’s neck.

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