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January 28, 2011


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Day 12:

Dear Diary, after a busy day at work, I came home. Guess what… I walked into a wall of most fantastic, head-spinning, dazzling olfactory orgasm! Smells of salmon, spices, mushrooms, and who knows what other amazing deliciousness mixed with a hum of my dryer nearly made me drop the bag of dog-food that I just picked up from Meijers. There was a casserole dish with spiced salmon, neighboring two frying pans on my stove. One frying pan had mushrooms with glazed onions, the other had citrus chicken. The two were hugging each other, and the fumes from the two were making my mouth water, like overwhelming pheromones from special bits one about to dive into face first.

I feel compelled to sacrifice some virgins to gods for sending me this amazing house-guest. A couple of goats won’t cut it. Perhaps a couple of apes?

She took towels out of the dryer. (AGAIN!!!)

And she just made tea. (AGAIN!!!)

Yeah, this will have to be a couple of fucking primates, at least.

Lady, when you get to read this, I want you to know that I am endlessly thankful for all the kindness and care you have shown me. You are awesome. I adore you for being THAT cool to me. Thank You.


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