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May 4, 2009

commercial ads

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Is there a commercial for adult diapers?

Well, here is an idea for one:

Elderly lady on a scooter doing about 60mph on a residential street. Wind in her hair. Bug splatter on her dentured grin. Fluffy skirt barely held in place with an over sized purse. A small animal falls out of the tree and in front of the scooter. Sheer terror flashes across that ladies face. Sound of screeching brakes and … a sound bowels… being evacuated rapidly.  Small animal changes its facial expression from terror to that of one-eyebrow curiosity. Lady gives the small animal a short conspiratory smile and runs it over doing a 0-60 popping a wheelie. Dust begins to settle over a flattened small animal. Caption reads “It is ok to have a not-so-fresh feeling, as long as you are the only one that knows about it!”

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