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May 5, 2009

My inner retard is made of steel!

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So, um… “Terminators”

Just like “Terminator” only with a a lot less acting and a bunch more  terminators. This flick is extremely B.

Acting so unbelievably horrible, mechanical and lame… I could not help but wonder if they heard my prayers for better prOn and made a sci-fi… no… 1970s porn… no…2-stepping ponr in space with robots in ProBass caps and glow in the dark cowboy boots? I never asked for THAT.

gods this is fucking horrible.

Please do not watch this piece of shit. Seriously, just  don’t.

Remember that thing that made it big (AHEM), Blair Witch Floater, was it? Everyone acts horrible, and all characters are dumb?  And I do not mean “dumb haha!” I mean DUMB as in fucking demented.

Did I mention that their model of terminator is scary? Especially when he makes that “KOJO-KILL!!!” face.

… and the freshly pregnant girl with a fat ass is mopping up blood off of a psychotic friend whore who was banging fat-asses husband. husband who god terminated. or something.

That is it. I give up. This is a train-wreck of such magnitude that I actually feel compelled to look away.

Mykel, I should get you a copy of this so you could understand that no armored sharks and no surfing bears are a match for this tsunami of talentless and underfunded vomit.

have a day.

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