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April 21, 2011

last 24 hrs

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A) That old expression about teeth of a gift-horse is apparently well forgotten on some. Your teeth maybe perfect, but you are damaged goods, my good lady. No, I will not indulge in conversations with you, you are not worth my effort. Good Day.
B) “if you are making friends with my enemies, what does it make you?” I tell you what it makes me – it makes me a one leery motherfucker.
C) “My good Lady, please do not writhe quite so much, I have a hard time keeping the tome of Pushkin open on your back!” pushed through google-translator creates really quite a mess. Moon would know!
D) pre-regged, yay!
E) Tonight I am going to the pub. I will have two pints. I will play games and eat some scary bar-food. Low budget will keep me from getting trashed. And then it will be home, hot tea, and figuring out that twist in the werewolf story, that will hopefully eliminate that gaping hole in the plot.
F) Coked up midgets with claw-hammers… oh-yeah!

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