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May 6, 2009


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Once upon a time I took a psych class. I failed that fucking class. Missed grade by some 5 poins. Out of 500.. or something.

But its not what I am trying to tell you about.

I really pissed off our prof. A heavier set woman. A grandmother, a shrink… has an established practice. Smart. And not at all mean! I think she is not at all mean. For all I know she might be spanking geriatrics with chainsaws. But it was not an impression that I got.

One day she was speaking to us about something I did not agree with. And me being, well, ME opened my mouth in class. And I did that whole “ahem, I would like to erm… whassawerd… oh! Not Agree with you on that little theory there. You are describing feelings and emotions that even mature people have a hard time distinguishing, and you are saying that these rather complex emotional responses is what we observe from not even toddlers, but infants!”

And she said “Well this is my opinion that infants are capable of such complex emotions”

and I said “Well, not to make it an insult, but you are a woman, you are more prone to nurturing rather than men, and that’s why you feel confident assigning those complex emotions to an infant. It serves your comfort to know that the person your are raising is not braindea…”

And she huffed and she puffed even though I plainly stated that what I am saying is NOT an insult, she was insulted and the female half of the class looked at me as though I am dressed in a nazi uniform, with a fake hitler-moustache, burning books and pissing on people!

Oh damn… it was not a Sociology class. It was a Psychology class.

One big difference – cannot GENERALIZE.

Heed the warning… learn your statistics about people and keep your fucking Sociology in your head and to yourself! When dealing with individuals – use your Psychology.

Looking back I think it is a good thing I said nothing about her weight. She would make me stand in the corner or some such…

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  1. rofl!. I now have an image of you in my head, one of you dressed in a nazi uniform with a dunce hat on your head standing unhappily in the corner of the class, being whipped by a short fat granny profesora, punishment for pissing on her families foto albums while making fun of the mutant quasimodo clone babies in the pictures, being made to say over and over “babies complex feelings get hurt if you make fun of them, it is not nice to make fun of the babies!”

    Comment by silenc — July 1, 2009 @ 11:41 am

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